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About Arevior.

Arevior is a text base RPG game bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server activity.
Arevior is the brain child of flamelier.

Features of Arevior
More features for Arevior are being worked on regularly so check back regularly!

Custom character creation, multiple characters, experience, salary*, inventory, custom RNG titles*.


Host your own raffles for items in your server!


Get some sick loot from buying lootboxes! Check out the forum for player known lootboxes.


Banking system, deposit and withdraw at will, get intrests*, and keep your money safe*.


Create your own guild, or join your friends and conqure areas*!


Trade items with other players.

Crafting and Jobs

Hunting monsters, fishing, cutting trees, foraging, mining, alchemy*, refining ores, refining monsters, refining fish, crafting weapons, crafting armor, crafting tool, crafting misc.

Markets and Auctions

Use the global market or auction to sell/buy items across all servers the bot is in, use the local market or auction to sell/buy items locally!

*This/these feature(s) are being worked on or are in beta access and may have errors.
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